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  • Do I need to provide supplies (leash, poo bags, etc.) for my dog walker/pet sitter?"
    A City n Tails dog walker will provide all the necessary tools and supplies for your pup's walk, such as; leashes, poo bags, treats, water when needed and first aid tools. If you do have specific treat recommendations, please provide this in a bag near the door for your dog walker to grab and go. Your dog should also be wearing a tight fitting collar and proper up to date dog tags; license if required in your city, your contact information and vaccination tag from your vet. A City n Tails pet sitter will be providing the same supplies listed above, but will need further instructions about your pet's day to day routine, their food supply, food portions for mealtime, bowls, where to locate your cleaning supplies, typical spots (hiding spots for cats), emergency details and instructions.
  • How does house/pet sitting work? (Overnight Stays)
    A City n Tails pet sitter will come by for a meet and greet beforehand if you're a new client, this lets your dog become familiar with the sitter and you get to talk about all the logisticals before you leave. If you're a current client, and your dog knows your sitter, then it's basically a slumber party where your dog is the host. Depending on the time you leave, the pet sitter will either show up after they're done dog walking for the day, or at the time you've discussed. Hour long walks are set for the evening and morning, additional walks midday should be booked with your sitter ahead of time. The duration of your leave will determine what the sitter should need access to in your house; whether it be kitchen, bedroom and bathroom supplies, this can all be discussed with your sitter ahead of your leave. Key pick ups should also be dealt with at that time. Instructions of your pets needs are greatly appreciated, whether you want to leave a note with as much detail as possible, or you can send us an email with everything we need to know. Other than that, your pet will be greatly spoiled with snuggles and lots of love. Please contact us for more details.
  • What if there's an emergency?
    Whether it be dog walking, pet sitting or house sitting all attempts to contact you will be made. Multiple times. Depending on the severity of the situation, your pet sitter will determine what the next steps will be, whether it's to call your emergency contact person or head straight to the nearest vet hospital. We will not stop trying to contact you or your emergency contact person until someone picks up. If this is a house issue and we can no longer stay, your pet will either be taken to your pet sitters house for the duration of the stay, or a trusted boarding facility.
  • How does payment work?
    Payments are accepted via E-transfer or cash. Invoices will be sent at the end of the provided service. The designated email will be provided on the invoice for e-transfers.
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