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I received an unkind comment on a video of me dog walking...

It was a 30 second video of me giving out a tip about getting the dog's to pay attention to me walking rather than the environment around them. I was explaining how changing direction in how you walk can get the dog's to focus back on you.

Then this person decided to focus more on the atmosphere, the tools, and the walker (me).

I know this person(s) intentions were good, which is why it was unfortunate.

We all care so much for dogs, even ones we haven't met because the internet can show us that.

This 30 sec video, wasn't meant to show how fun pack walking is (although it does), it was a tip for other people, other dog walkers to show that when the dog's can't all focus on you, this is a way to do so and it was to show off wicked leash system. @TINYHORSEMERCANTILE

Pack walking is not an easy thing to do, I applaud people who do it so eloquently.

Heck, I applaud people who can walk one dog so amazingly.

I constantly strive to learn how to better my walking skills, and pack walking skills.

There's always going to be people who try and pick apart every little thing you do, I know how difficult pack walking is, I know it's not always sunshine and daisies.

I bring together 7 different dogs, from 7 different families, on many different tools.

Do I expect things to go perfectly smooth on a walk with me? Absolutely not.

I see them for an hour a day (if that), some of them I walk a couple times a week. So for the remainder of the 23 hours spent away from me, they receive different feedback from their owners.

But this person decided to judge the walker (me) on the tools that were on the dogs, the way I made all 7 of them walk directly beside each other, how I am not an advocate for the dogs...

First, I hope if you're reading this and use any tool on your dog, I hope you never get judged for it. If you do, I apologize for it. I'm a big advocate for tools, we're communicating with a species who don't speak, how else can we effectively do so?

Being a dog walker, has taught me that I have to learn training in all fields.

I can't successfully walk a dog if I don't know anything about dog training.

Dog Training is how we communicate EFFECTIVELY with a dog.

Being a dog walker, I will INEVITABLY run into an owner who wants their dog walked on A tool, whether it's a regular flat collar, harness, prong or martingale. I need to know how to use these tools to offer my services or tell that owner I can't because I only use "x" tool. That limits my range in clients.

So if you're a dog walker, and reading this. I encourage you to shadow a reputable dog trainer doing an "intro" lesson for their clients in teaching them proper tool usage. You'd be surprised what you can learn in an hour.

If you're an owner, and reading this. I will not judge you for the tools you use on your dog, nor should anyone. If you feel confident and comfortable using a tool to communicate with YOUR dog, I'm glad.

It was just shocking to me, to witness a person who doesn't follow me, a person I've never interacted with in my life, across the world judge me on how I walk the dogs and how I care for these dogs.

Does she see the updates, pictures, videos I send to my clients? Nope.

Does she see all the hard work, and trust these dogs have with me? Nope.

Does she see the relationship I've built with my clients? Nope.

Does she even know I've literally sent poop pictures to my clients? Nope.

The only good thing that came out of this person's comments, was that it boosted the video's engagement where I had more likes come out of it.

So even when she tried to put some negative energy on that video, it still reached more people.

Here I am, a proud structured pack dog walker- letting this person's judgement leave this place.

xo city n tails


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