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My top 3 best dog walking parks in Mississauga

Where I'm at in this stage as a dog walker, I work with most of my dogs on a solo basis. I take them for one on one walks, I get to know all their quirks, what they need to work on and what they love doing the most. I'm the type of dog walker who not only focuses on bringing back a tired dog, but one who wants to get all their senses working, provide enrichment activities while we're out and give them a chance to explore a new place. To provide this at my best ability, I utilize these parks where majority of the people here walk their dogs on leash and are respectful of one another. So I hope that whoever is reading this, you might feel a little bit inclined to pay these parks a visit, enjoy the season's foliage and let that dog sniff!

1. Jack Darling Memorial Park

This is my go to park for taking the dogs on an adventure. It's filled with paved trails, lots of trees, beaches and little dirt paths heading into the forest. Jack Darling also has one of the biggest fenced-in, off-leash dog parks I've been to. Jack Darling Memorial Park is also near and dear to my heart; I used to work there when I was a seasonal student with the City of Mississauga, so seeing how much it's progressed and how much people are enjoying the space is so fulfilling to me. I wanted to let all the dogs I walk enjoy it too! Also the street meat vendor here... she knows! Bonus tip: if you walk the waterfront trail all the way West, it leads you straight into Rattray Marsh; which I will now talk about below.

2. Rattray Marsh Conservation Area

This is my next go to, it could also be because it's connected to Jack Darling Memorial Park. So, why not keep the party going? I love this conservation area, I've been there super early where all you hear is the wildlife, and I've been there when it's a long weekend and the boardwalks are packed with people. It's an amazing little area tucked into the Clarkson neighbourhood. I've even spotted Great Blue Herons in the marsh, and if you know you're way around, you might be able to as well. Rattray Marsh features boardwalks, dirt trails, streams, and is currently in the process of taking down ash trees that were feasted by the Emerald Ash Borers. So you'll spot areas of this forest where trees are knocked over and will lie still for the rest of time. These trees become safe havens and more habitats for the wildlife living in it, so don't be alarmed. But enjoy exposing your pup to these new sights and smells, I promise they'll love it!

3. Lakefront Promenade

This park is all the way at the East end of Mississauga, but it's a goodie. Lakefront Promenade is not a park I go to regularly, but when I need a change of scenery, it's where I'll head on a weekend! Heads up- it can get busy on the weekends! There's a marina attached to this park, you'll see regular boat docking, and a heck of a lot of geese. Not the best for prey-driven dogs, but on a weekend with loads of people, they don't congregate in the public areas as much. This park features a paved trail that loops all around the road into the park, people are respectful of the area and their dogs. You can even go into one of the first parking lots where there's a baseball diamond and walk your dog there, for a less busy area to work on some heeling then head on in! Street meat vendor here is also top tier!


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